FIC ice cream ageing vat with top mixer – 1200 lt

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Manufacturer: FIC Italy
TMW 1200
Type of machine:
Ice cream ageing vat
1200 liters
Year of manufacture:
Serial number:
Working Hours:
not available
Condition: to be reconditioned

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Equipment in good working condition.

Size & weight

Net dimensions: 1400 x 1575h mm
Net weight: 220 kg

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Technical leaflet

Ice cream ageing vat producers website:
FIC ageing vats

The FIC ice cream ageing vat is used to keep the ice cream mix temperature at about 4°C. For that, it fitted with a slow stirrer and it uses cold water as a refrigerant liquid. In order to supply cold water or chilled water we must supply it using a separate equipment/chiller. As a result, the refrigerating fluid feeds the pillow plate exchanger which is integrated into the ageing vat.
The standard volume of this vat is 1200 liters and it has an electronic control and it is supplied by a closed type manhole.