Gram fruit feeder IF2000

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Manufacturer: GRAM
Type of machine:
Fruit feeder
Ice cream flow capacity:
150-2000 litres/h
Ingredients adding capacity: 15-200 litres/h
Hopper volume: 25 litres
Year of manufacture:
Serial number:
Working Hours:
not available
Condition: Working in good condition.

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Gram fruit feeder with electronic controls:
Inverter controlled feeding of ingredients and pump rotation

Size & weight

Net dimensions:  70x95x150h cm
Net weight: 135 kg

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Technical leaflet

Producers website: ingredient feeders

Mechanical features and operation principle
The used Gram fruit feeder is designed for dosing different types of dry and semi liquid inclusions into ice cream. The fruit feeder is a versatile unit manually controlled.
The versatility of the IF 2000 ingredient feeder extends over a wide range of both dry and soft ingredients, as well as those with special large sizes.
Feed pump:
• 3 blades for better tightness
• Special alloy for scrapers/rotor.
• 2” in and outlet for ice cream.
• 75x55mm ingredient inlet, no sharp edges, no clogging up
• Hopper with agitator and auger.
• Inclined hopper bottom.
• Hopper volume ~25 l.