Teknoice ice cream pasteurisation plant 1200 lt/h HTST

reconditioned and tested

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Manufacturer: TEKNOICE
Type of machine:
Pasteurisation equipment HTST
1200 lt/h
Year of manufacture:
Serial number:
Working Hours:
not available
Condition: overhauled /  reconditioned

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New parts

Ice cream pasteurisation plant, new parts:
– hot water boiler
– mixing tanks
– turbo-mixer
– connecting pipes
– valve seats, balls, springs of homogenizer pump
– CH gaskets for homogenizer pistons
– set of gaskets for homogenizer pump
– PHE manually washing plate-by-plate
– reconditioning of electrical plant
– overhauling of pneumatical plant and automatic valves

Size & weight

Net dimensions: 7 x 1,8 x 2,2h mt
Net weight: 3500 kg

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Technical leaflet

Producers webpage: Teknomix 1200 lt/h HTST

The TEKNOMIX BATCH system is ideal for pasteurising small and medium ice cream productions, while the HTST ice cream pasteurisation plant for medium/large scale ice cream production.
The mix is prepared via consecutive stages including mixing and dissolving the ingredients, heating, homogenization and cooling. The processed mix is then transferred into ageing vats.
• Energy saving of over 50% (BATCH) and over 70/75% (HTST)
• Absolute production consistency in terms of quality of the product mix and time (every liter of mix goes through the same process, for the same length of time and at the same temperature)
• Low investment
• Easy to use
• Simple installation – the system’s components are mounted on stainless steel platforms and are ready for use, upon connection of the power, air and water systems, with clamp attachments, which are hygienic and easy to connect.
• An accurate design which has been devised in order to avoid unhygienic cavities or gaps.
• A compact system with very small overall dimensions