Teknoice icecream continuous freezer 600 lt/h EM

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Manufacturer: TEKNOICE
Type of machine:
 Continuous Freezer
250 – 600 l/h with 100% overrun
Year of manufacture:
Serial number:
Working Hours:
not available
Condition: good working machine

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New parts available on request:

Icecream continuous freezer wear and tear parts offered on request:
– blades
– rotary seal dasher
– dasher bushings
– valve seats, balls and springs
– piston OR-ings and guides

Size & weight

Net dimensions: 700 x 1720 x 1820h mm
Net weight: 710 kg

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The Teknoice icecream continuous freezer is a highly efficient icecream freezer with a double piston pump technology. Teknoice has reached over the borders of Italy establishing a worldwide presence due to reliable and easy to maintenance. The continuous ice cream freezers are proven as a reliable tool for all range of industrial ice cream producers. They are proven to work in difficult conditions with high level of humidity or high room temperatures in the processing area.
– Flexibility due to highly variable production capacities.
– Easy maintenance due to detailed care for design.
– High attention is paid to choosing good quality top materials in order to guarantee durability, corrosion resistance and therefore, top quality.
– The refrigerating unit based on a semi-hermetic Bitzer compressor that can be opened and serviced with a lower cost of ownership, therefore easier to service than a sealed compressor.
– It is fitted with a tubular condenser that the operator can open for easy cleaning and chemical manual washing.
– The freezing barrel is automatically adjusting its pressure.
– The hot gas adjustment can be on automatic base or semi-automatic system for the electro-mechanical freezers
It has a patented dual piston pump that shows the following advantages:
– Very easy and low cost of maintenance
– Exact dosing of the mix/air intake into the freezing barrel due to the double pump cylinder
– Flexibility for using mixes with seeds or fruit pieces
– The pistons are not in direct contact with the pump body thus avoiding fast wear-out
Other features:
– All Teknoice freezers are in compliance with EEC standards.
– Easy commissioning and start-up of the freezers due to good testing before delivery.
– Simple and ready-to-use equipment once all required electrical and hydraulic connections are made.