Teknoice ingredients feeder

Inverter controlled motors

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Manufacturer: TEKNOICE
Type of machine:
Ingredients feeder
Ice cream flow capacity:
200-1200 litres/h
Ingredients adding capacity: 15-200 litres/h
Hopper volume: 35 litres
Year of manufacture:
Serial number:
Condition: Working in good condition.

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Good working ingredients feeder.
Inverter controlled dosing as well as variable speed rotary pump.

Size & weight

Net dimensions: 75 x 120 x 155h cm
Net weight: 240 kg

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Technical leaflet

Producers website: ingredient feeders

Mechanical features and operation principle
The used Teknoice ingredients feeder is designed to work in-line with continuous ice-cream freezers, for the injection of ingredients, of small pieces, (such as nuts, chocolate chips, fresh or candied fruits etc.) into the ice-cream flow, as to obtain enriched and stuffed ice-cream. The machine can then be directly connected to filling machines for cups, cones, bulks, etc.
The distinctiveness of the Teknoice machine, is the lamella feeding pump with its positive action enabling the constant and regular inflow of ingredients into the ice cream exiting the continuous freezer; thus avoiding any damage to the texture of the ice-cream itself.