Tetra Pak 1200 lt/h HTST ice cream mix plant

Inverter controlled double stage homogenizer

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Manufacturer: TETRA PAK
1200 LT/H HTST mix plant
Type of machine:
Pasteurization equipment HTST
1200 lt/h
Year of manufacture:
Serial number:
Working Hours:
not available
Condition: good working condition

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Technical description

Very good condition ice cream mix plant including:
– 1200 lt mixing tanks with agitators
– dry ingredients turbo-mixer with hopper
– inverter controlled Bertolli homogenizer
– two stage pressure homogenizer
– Fischer plate heat exchanger
– mix pump and pasteurization pumps
– double tubular filter
– Bardiani by-pass valves and hot water valve
– Endress Hauser temperatures recorder
– electric control panel with water flow meter
– user manual, electrical diagrams, drawings and flow charts

Dimensions and services:

Net dimensions: 5,7 x 2 x 2,5h mt
Net weight: 3500 kg
Methan gas consumption: 5 mc/h
Chilled water flow: 12,7 mc/h
Total installed power: 19,4 kW

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Technical leaflet

Producers webpage: 1200 lt/h mix plant

The used Tetra Pak 1200 lt/h HTST ice cream mix plant also known as Hoyer Mixtura HTST 1200, is a skid mounted self-contained ice cream mix pasteurizing unit ready to be started with a few simple connections to utilities.
It’s simple and compact construction allow an easy deployment of the machine in any factory and any space available as well as easy start-up and production. Automatic controls guarantee a hassle free production without any hazards when it comes to food safety and cleanliness.
• Energy saving of up to 70/75% due to the HTST system
• Easy to use
• Simple installation – the system’s components are mounted on stainless steel platforms and are ready for use, upon connection of the power, air and water systems, with clamp attachments, which are hygienic and easy to connect.
• Inverter controlled homogenizer for easy control of temperatures based on mix consistency
• Two stage pressure homogenizer
• Fischer plate heat exchanger
• high quality Bardiani valves and Burkert flow meter and liter counter
• The machine comes with user manual, electrical drawing and flow charts