Teknoice 600 lt/h continuous ice cream freezer

Electronic freezer

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Manufacturer: TEKNOICE
Type of machine:
 Continuous Freezer
250 – 600 l/h with 100% overrun
Year of manufacture:
Serial number:
Working Hours:
not available
Condition: good working

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New parts

Teknoice continuous ice cream freezer.
Parts available to be changed:
– blades
– rotary seal dasher
– dasher bushings
– valve seats, balls and springs
– piston OR-ings
– piston guides

Size & weight

Net dimensions: 700 x 1720 x 1820h mm
Net weight: 710 kg

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Feature of Teknoice continuous ice cream freezer:
– High flexibility in production.
– High quality materials to grant sturdiness, strength and long endurance.
– Accurate design, studied to have easy access to the parts subject to normal wear and tear,
for quick maintenance. The shell-and-tube water condenser can be opened and cleaned
(both mechanically and chemically.
– frigorific semi-hermetic piston compressor (which can be open for technical intervention
in case of breakdown), more reliable and efficient than an hermetic compressor.
– automatic regulation of freezing barrel’s pressure
– possibility to fine regulate the hot gasses
The utilization of a double piston pump (patented) gives the following advantages:
• Cheap and easy maintenance
• No need to use an extraction pump
• Easy and precise measuring of mix and air quantity introduced into the freezing barrel
• Possibility to accept mixes containing fruit pulp, even with small seeds or fibre
• No direct contact between pump body and pistons