Teknoice chocolate aftercooler

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Manufacturer: Teknoice
Chocolate aftercooler for enrobed products
Type of machine:
Cooling belt
Capacity/speed: adjustable
Year of manufacture:
Serial number: VA191202
Working Hours:
aprox. 1000 hours
Condition: Very good

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Machines condition:

Chocolate aftercooler for coated products.

Size & weight

Size: 10 x 1,6 x 1,9h mt
Weight: aprox. 650 kg

Belt length: aprox. 10 mt effective length
Belt width: 80 cm
Evaporator with 10 fans for cooling with electrical defrost
Air blower with heater for belt drying
Pneumatical belt centering system with sensors
Touch screen control of all functions
Compressed air consumption: 50 Nl/min
No compressor unit included.

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Technical features

Teknoice chocolate aftercooler belt to harden chocolate covered bars.
Products arriving from a chocolate enrober  (chocolate fountaine) are automatically transfered onto the belt of this Teknoice chocolate aftercooler. The belt runs at an adjustable speed, set from the display of the control panel. Products pasing onto the belt are cooled down with the help of 10 fans fixed on the evaporator inside the isothermal box. Evaporator is placed on the ceiling of the isothermal box.
There is a special pneumatical tensioning system with 2 tensioning pistons located at both ends of the belt as well as pneumatical centering system driven by sensors that read the displacement of the belt on both ends.

Heating defrost by resistors is also included and the belt is dried using a special blower pump along with a heater placed on the exit of the belt.

The basic machine includes:
• stainless steel construction with isothermal panels and 6 visiting side doors
• pneumatical tensioning and centering system driven by a Panasonic PLC
• Weintek touch screen control panel
• Blower with heater for belt drying
• Safety devices
• Evaporator with 10 fans, epansion valve and pressure sensor (compressor unit not included)